CENTURY 21 Affiliated Office Admins Agent On-Boarding 

Independent contractors will complete an Agent Packet with your Team Leader. Once all required documents are completed, the Office Admin will upload a copy to the New Hire - Agent folder in Dropbox. This will notify Central Services of the new Partnership. 

Once the Central Services office has received the paperwork, the Team Leader & Office Admin will receive the email confirmation from with instructions on how to access their new Affiliated email account. 


Follow the steps below when on-boarding a new agent. 

Contract Review

Required Items

  • Agent Profile

  • Direct Deposit

  • Independent Contract Agreement (ICA) *State Specific

  • Agent OnBoarding Checklist *Top Section Completed


  • Upload a copy of the required documents to the New Hire Agent folder

    • Example: Madison.Agent Name.Date

    • Central Services will remove the file after notification is sent

  • Central Service is notified

  • Office Admin & Team Leader is notified by

  • Office Admin follows the OnBoarding Checklist

    • Add new agent to Affiliated tools and systems

    • Important: Do not enter in any systems until you’ve received the Affiliated email.

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