Real Estate Vocabulary

L&D = Learning and Development

Learning and Development is the department that a new and exisiting Admin will work with when it comes to needing training for their Admin duties.

HR = Human Resources

Human Resources will be a first contact for completing on-boarding paperwork. Make sure to connect with this department to ensure all paperwork is completed.

MLS = Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service is used by agents to enter listings.

AO = Accepted Offer

An accepted office is when agents receive an officer on a transaction.

TL = Team Leader

Office Admins report to their Team Leader.

AT = AccountTECH/Darwin

AccountTECH/Darwin is a transaction management system used by Admins & Accounting. The system can have a direct connection to a MLS to pull listings. Office Admins use this system to manage the office transactions & enter invoices. The Accounting Team uses the system for Processing and Payables.

EM or EMD = Earnest Money

Earnest Money must be deposited as soon as possible.

SS = Sky Slope

SkySlope is a transaction management system used by Admins & Accounting. Real Estate agents will use this system to enter transactions. Office Admins use this system to manage transactions in AccountTECH. Accounting Team uses the system for Processing.

IT = Information Technology

Contact or call 608-

QSS = RealSatisfied Survey

Agents are awarded based on certain criteria completed on thier Quality Service Survey from RealSatisfied. Office Admins will use this site to assit their agents with providing a survey to their clients.

OOO = Out of Office

Out of Office will let those trying to get in touch with you know are not available. An OOO is most helpful with provided with the duration of time and a point of contact in your absence.

PTO = Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off is offered to eligible employees. Questions and concerns can be directed to the HR department.

KMH = Knowledge Managment Hub

The KMH is where you can access courses and videos that will help you expand your knowledge with your Admin duties. Login in to the KMH